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    If your vehicle was towed from a tow-away zone or an illegal parking zone you will need to contact the Traffic Police Department of Maldives Police Service at 3333835.

    A Police Certificate is a certification that the person to whom it relates either has no 'disclosable' convictions or has a 'disclosable' conviction that is detailed in the Certificate.

    The following service will provide the progress of the logged cases at Maldives Police Service on a know-how basis. The status of the case will show whether it resides at Maldives Police Service (MPS) or at the Prosecutor General Office (PG).


    A safer community together


    To reduce crime and fear of crime by delivering trusted, human rights centred and collaborative policing services.

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    • www.isles.edu.mv
    • www.policelife.mv
    • www.policeshop.com.mv

    About Us

    Police was formed approximately about 70 years ago, during the kingdom of A-Sultan Mohamed Shamsudhdheen III. It was established by a Law that was announced on 29th March 1933.

    There were 120 officers in the police when it was first established. Their duty was to patrol the market area and the island. In other words, establishing peace amongst the citizens and protecting the people and their belongings. Just as today’s patrols, Police had their duty shifts during then too. They wore uniforms while on duty. The uniform consisted of Maldivian Traditional dress- Mundu & Libaas, Black Cap and Belts. They used batons while on duty and also had whistles with them. If Police needed help while on duty, the protection and help of military was available as the Law stated.

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    Crime Statistics

    The crime statistics presented below is a simple descriptive count of the offences reported within the selected time period.

    The crime statistics is provided for use by those interested in such data. For more specific information on crime please send a request by email to [email protected]


    Annual reports

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